April 21, 2016

‘The choice as a defensive site was perfect, the marshy land at the base was commanded by a 60 foot rise of Keuper rocks terminating in a small plateau about 300 feet above sea level … Not until the mediaeval period were the original defences augmented, in the case of the manor house, by two moats lying west and east of the site. These still remain to protect the Manor Farm which replaced Bildr’s original stockaded Thorpe.’


Bilsthorpe – A History; Bilsthorpe Heritage Society


We live in a very sp...

April 14, 2016

It’s been a bit action-packed, this last week.  Firstly, the fabulous opportunity to be interviewed on Woman’s Hour last Thursday, as per the recording clip elsewhere on this site.  Such a privilege to be able to do this, and such an adrenaline rush on the day, particularly when the lovely Jenni Murray had a coughing fit part way through and I had no idea whether the audience could hear the coughs or not!  Carrying on regardless seemed to be the best option, so that’s what I did and thankfully it...

April 6, 2016

So – I have a website.  Hurrah! 


And also, eek.  I’ve been resisting one for quite some time which, as many of you will realise, is deeply ironic for someone professing to be a marketing expert and keen on communication.  But it’s a very different ballgame, recommending exposure and communication to your clients and then applying the same rules and rigour to yourself.  A bit like forcing everyone else to wear waterproof clothing, then standing obdurate in the gathering rainstorm, denying tha...

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