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Something to smile about

So – I have a website. Hurrah!

And also, eek. I’ve been resisting one for quite some time which, as many of you will realise, is deeply ironic for someone professing to be a marketing expert and keen on communication. But it’s a very different ballgame, recommending exposure and communication to your clients and then applying the same rules and rigour to yourself. A bit like forcing everyone else to wear waterproof clothing, then standing obdurate in the gathering rainstorm, denying that you’re going to get wet. The launch of Reward for Winter has tipped me out of denial, and into a more committed phase of ‘getting out there’, wellies, waterproofs and all. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

Meanwhile, in a forthcoming mood, I answered questions for Nottingham City of Literature about the book, the lifestyle change and all those animals – you can read the interview here:

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