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Animal characters



Bertie is our herd king, and keeps the rest of our goats in good order, occasionally going on the rampage up and down the hill to remind everyone who is the boss! 


Bert came to us from Brinsley Animal Rescue in 2012 with five other goat companions, and quickly stole our hearts with his big horns and wonderful thick coat.  


He has a very twinkly expression and definite sense of humour, liking to play with your zip up and down, up and down, up and down…




Dolly is an old lady with a steely determination to get her fair share of everything, despite her age (at least 14) and lack of teeth.  Don’t let all that fluff lull you into a false sense of security – Dolly might look like an innocent marshmallow, but she’ll happily bash you on the nose if you mistake her soft expression for an invitation to lean in for a kiss! We all love Dolly for her feisty spirit and the wonderful bond she has with her boyfriend George.  Dolly had been terribly neglected at a farm park before she was rescued, coming to us in 2012 in a state of extreme emaciation – she more than deserves a happy, spoiled retirement here with plenty of bananas, her favourite food.




Hugo is 21 years old, which isn’t all that old in donkey years and he certainly behaves like a youngster, always keen to run around and play with his companion Jack. 


Both Jack and Hugo are foster donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary , who do wonderful work in donkey welfare all over the world. 


Hugo is a gentle, quiet boy who loves to have his ears rubbed and nose kissed.




Jack is 16 years old, and was the very first animal on our field in 2011.  He’s a strong character and has to be allowed to make up his own mind to do things – no amount of bribes or coercion will work with this chap! 


Jack is a quiet soul who would rather tuck into a pile of straw and a good book than run around and play – we’re all very amused by companion donkey Hugo’s attempts to get him to move, which involve reversing back and forth in front of the stable door and doing laps around the field!




Eeny is one of three Greylag geese who came to us in 2013 from Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary after being rescued as abandoned goslings. 


Eeny is intensely curious about everything, will eat grapes from your hand and pick your pocket when your back is turned.  Like all geese, he makes a tremendous noise to warn of intruders but is very gentle with his keepers and any visitors. 


We love Eeny.


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